Whanganui Girls College

Forthcoming Events And Notices


4 April 

Education Exchange 11am AV room!

WEEK B instrumental music lessons – Piano and voice with Mrs Brooks today. Drums tomorrow, Piano with Mrs James Thursday.

BAKE SALE – at the gallery, first break today, to raise money for Canteen.

Mufti Day tomorrow

STAGE CHALLENGE: First break = Housewives and Sugar After school: Supermarket. This Sunday is our first big rehearsal from 1-5pm starting in the PFA

Year 13 ASTRA – Miss Pond to library, Mr Davis to the tech suite, Miss Gorton & Miss Barbezats’ to B2

HOW ASTRA – bring baking to C7 at form time.

CRICKET meeting in the gym first break, if you want to play tomorrow, please come to a quick meeting

9 SPANISH please go to B2 P4 today

ADVENTURE RACING – all girls signed up, please meet in the gym first break today.

11BSC  GOR class to A3 P1 today please

FOOTBALL – All players please meet 2nd break in B4.

YEAR 12 ASTRA: Please go to the gym for ASTRA today.

Shakespeare   The Casts of Comedy of Errors and Richard 3rd need to go to the hall 2nd break for Newspaper photo and interview. No show – not in the photo

VOLLEYBALL – Training today in the gym at 1st break. Games ON tomorrow. Check draw on noticeboard in gym foyer.