Whanganui Girls' College

International Students



We offer homestay and school hostel accommodation and we also welcome international parents with students (Guardian Visas) and Designated Caregivers (DCG).

A DCG is a relative or close family friend designated in writing by the parents of an international student as the caregiver and accommodation provider for that student.

A DCG must also undergo vetting and receive final approval from the College. If parents are accompanying an international student on a Guardian Visa, the College will assist in finding and securing suitable accommodation.

Our school hostel, Ad Astra, is conveniently located next to the school and offers a ‘home away from home’ for girls. The Hostel Managers live onsite and are assisted by supervisors, who work hard to ensure that students are happy and well cared for. Facilities in the hostel include recreation lounges with TVs and DVD players, internet access a coffee/hot chocolate machine, gym with access to personal trainer, music facilities, laundries, common rooms, dining room, an outdoor BBQ area, kitchen and office areas. Hostel students also have access to the school pool during the summer months. For further information, please visit the Ad Astra Hostel website. Students wishing to stay in our Ad Astra Hostel will need to fill in the Ad Astra Hostel Application.

Alternatively, international students can choose to live with a New Zealand homestay family. Our homestay families are carefully selected and vetted by our international department. A new, warm family on the other side of the world awaits you. Students’ requests are taken into consideration and we endeavour to place students with homestay families with similar interests. Our accommodation coordinator liaises frequently with students and homestay families throughout the year to monitor pastoral care and provide assistance where needed. Students in a homestay are provided with their own bedroom including a comfortable bed, desk, lamp, sufficient storage and heating. Generally our homestay families are within walking distance or close proximity to the school.  We can also place students in a farm stay if requested. Students going into homestay accommodation will need to fill in the Homestay Application Form.

Please be sure to read our  International Accommodation Guidelines