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Accounting is the systematic recording, reporting and analysis of financial transactions within a business or other organisation where financial analysis is preferred or required. Students of accounting at Whanganui Girls’ College are taught to follow a set of rules and regulations, such as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Accounting is taught at the following levels:

Year 11 NCEA Level 1

  • Aims to develop student understanding of the role of accounting in society as a financial language for individuals, community organisations and small businesses.
  • Provides students with knowledge of the principles, processes and systems of accounting, thus enabling them to apply financial knowledge to practical situations and personal finances.
  • There are three internal assessments totalling 12 credits and three external assessments, also totalling 12 credits.

Year 12 NCEA Level 2

  • Builds on the concepts and practices learnt in the Level 1 course.
  • Although students do not need to have it as a prerequisite, it is strongly recommended.
  • This course is designed to introduce students to a more in-depth understanding of the accounting process and the principles behind the production and presentation of accounting information.
  • Currently there are three internal assessments comprising 12 credits and three external assessments with a total of 12 credits.

Year 13 NCEA Level 3

  • This course covers accounting concepts and procedures as they are applied to companies and partnerships
  • Requires a strong understanding of accounting at Level 2 as a prerequisite.
  • Accounting at school can provide the required background for continued study at Polytechnic or University, as well as employment in administration or finance.