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Ad Astra Hostel

Ad Astra Hostel Information

Hostel Life at WGC

The overarching aim of the Hostel is to provide a secure and caring environment in which the girls will grow and develop academically, socially, physically and morally.

Like any home, a sense of co‐operation comes from shared aims, a concern for others and a sense of solidarity. This co‐operation extends to areas such as assisting in running social events, sporting events, Hostel duties, homework and ensuring rooms are clean and tidy.

Mornings 6.30am to 8.30am

All boarders are responsible for getting themselves up, tidying their rooms, making their lunch (juniors) having breakfast and preparing for schoo
They may go for runs and sports practices etc. early, however, no one is allowed to leave the hostel before 6.30am and they must checkout with the staff member on duty
All girls are to have left the hostel by 8.35am for school.

Evening Program Weekdays

3.10pm to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday

Arrive home from school

Afternoon tea available.
Sport practices, housekeeping, exercise, free time, showers.
girls may go to the local shops if they have approval.
5.20pm to 6.00pm

6.30pm to 7.30pm

Junior Prep
6.30pm to 8.00pm

Senior Prep
No one is allowed to inter‐dorm visit during this time. A prep book is kept to check attitude and attendance
After 8.00pm girls have free time, they may watch a TV program, relax with their friends, go to the hostel gym or go to bed.


Bed Times – Lights out

Year 9 – 9.00pm
Year 10 – 9.30pm
Year 11- 10.00pm
Year 12 and 13 – 10.30pm

The dormitories need to be quiet from 9.00pm and staff finish active duty at 10.30pm.
As a member of the boarding community, each student is expected to adhere to high standards of behaviour which reflect responsibility to and care for others, oneself and the environment.

New Contract for Admisson

Parents & Boarders Manual 2019