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Art in Year 9 and Year 10 is run as half year courses.

Students who study the Visual Arts explore the exciting world of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and design as they:

  • develop practical understanding and skills through the use of visual arts elements, principles, materials, techniques, processes, and procedures
  • develop visual arts ideas in order to communicate an intention through an art work
  • view and analyse art works in order to understand their meaning and how they were made
  • view art works, find out who made them, when, where, for what purpose, and how they are or were valued.

Art in Year 11

Students studying at this level will:

  • research art and artworks from Maori and European traditions and contexts
  • use drawing processes and procedures
  • generate and develop ideas in making artwork
  • extend individual ideas into other media and techniques.

The preliminary work is done in A3 sketchbook form in the first half of the year. This is then developed into finished drawings and paintings which are presented in a two panel folio for final assessment. Extension work can be provided for students who excel in this subject.
Art in Year 12

This course aims to develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of painting concepts, research and drawing skills providing options within the course of

  • design
  • printmaking
  • sculpture
  • further drawing.

Students are encouraged to visit art galleries and look at the work of contemporary New Zealand artists.
Art in Year 13

This is essentially an individually fashioned, student directed and teacher supervised course. Students will be required to use drawing and painting to explore the knowledge they gain from researching New Zealand and internationally renowned painters in the fields of established and contemporary painting.

The first half of the year provides foundation studies to enable students to become conversant with the process and techniques required to produce successful submission for the external assessment.