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Dance in Year 9

  • Dance in Year 9 at Whanganui Girls’ College is an optional introductory course offering a broad range of dance experiences that will cater for all students of all dance abilities.
  • It runs for half the year.
  • The course is mainly set at Level 4 of the Arts Curriculum and offers a chance to try various dances from a range of cultures and time periods.
  • Students will experience and explore a range of movements and enjoy the thrill of performing and creating, getting a chance to express themselves through movement.
  • They will begin to learn the vocabulary and techniques expressed behind dance choreography and start analysing dance as they see it.
  • Students will learn to co-operate with their peers and improve both their personal and team performance skills.

Dance in Year 10

The Year 10 Dance course is mainly set at Level 5 of the Arts Curriculum and covers the four learning strands in Dance.

This course is an optional subject that runs for half of the year.

  • The course offers students a unique opportunity to learn about themselves and the world they live in.
  • They will continue to learn how a dance is choreographed and experience first hand a variety of starting points.
  • They will gain a deeper understanding of how the dance elements and devices can be used in choreography.
  • Students learn to understand what can make a dance effective to watch as an audience and begin expressing their own opinions relating to the dance they see.
  • Students will explore various dance styles and movements and sequences and begin to be aware of how their body moves and reacts to the environment.
  • Dance techniques will be explored along with performance skills being enhanced.
  • Students will continue to develop their own personal and group work skills.

Dance in Year 11

This course is mainly practical, focusing on dance performance, dance choreography and dance knowledge.

It is a NCEA Level 1 subject and will contribute up to 20 credits towards NCEA Level 1.
Students taking Level 1 Dance participate in various dance genres and styles throughout the year and as a result will develop skills in:

  • co-ordination
  • rhythm
  • team work
  • self confidence.

They will have the opportunity to share dance through a formal dance presentation evening. Students apply knowledge that they are gaining throughout the year to their own performances and compositions.
Dance in Year 12

Dance at Year 12 is an approved NCEA course where students can gain up to 20 credits towards their Level 2 NCEA certificate.

This course is designed to give students opportunities to create and perform dances based on interpretation of movement. There is an increasing emphasis on choreographic techniques and performance elements. The students further develop their ability to communicate with a variety of movement genre. This course serves as preparation for those students who wish to take Level 3 Dance and is a strong foundation for any course which requires self-motivation and application of skills.

Dance in Year 13

Dance at Year 13 is an extremely rewarding NCEA Level 3 course, offering 20 credits towards this qualification. This course is also an approved University Entrance course and is designed to extend students choreographic and leadership skills.

The students produce a dance from starting point and follow it through to the presentation on stage. The students are also provided with the opportunity to learn and perform highly skilled dances for assessment purposes. Students participate in a dance showcase evening and numerous opportunities are given to perform throughout the year.

This course serves as preparation for those students who wish to take Dance/Performing Arts further and helps develop a high level of self-motivation and application of skills.