Whanganui Girls' College

Where girls excel...
Te wahi ka tino hira ngā kōtiro
Where girls are respectful...
Te wahi ka whakakoha ngā kōtiro
Where girls inspire...
Te wahi ka kipa kipa ngā kōtiro
Where girls perform...
Te wahi ka whakarite ngā kōtiro
Where girls reach for the stars...
Te wahi ka whatoro ki nga whetu ngā kōtiro
International Students

Day Girls

Where Girls Shine – Discover Whanganui Girls’ College

Founded in 1891, Whanganui Girls’ College has been dedicated to the education of young women for over one hundred years. In that time it has earned an enviable record as a quality and caring school.

Whanganui Girls’ College provides a wide range of opportunities to extend the learning horizons of students across a broad range of subjects before senior level specialisation.

Whanganui Girls’ College is an all-girls school. We have classes from Year 9 to Year 13, and also welcome adult students to day classes.

Whanganui Girls’ College welcomes International students from all over the world.

Whanganui Girls’ College has excellent schooling facilities and spacious grounds. Our facilities include a gymnasium, swimming pool, performing arts centre and a technology facility with state-of-the-art equipment. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities to extend the horizons of students to a broad range of subjects before senior level specialisation.

Ad Astra Hostel provides a home-away-from-home environment, assisting in the education and social development of all boarders. We provide safe and secure boarding with clear aims, firm guidelines and a warm, caring atmosphere. Hostel supervisors live on the premises and maintain close links with parents.