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Drama in Year 9 –

Year 9 Drama is an introductory course to the skills and knowledge associated with creating and performing drama.

This course is practically based where students learn about drama techniques and conventions.

Students are given many opportunities to extend their personal skills such as communication, self-confidence, listening and co-operation.

Drama in Year 10 –

Year 10 Drama extends students’ understanding of drama techniques and conventions.

They will further develop performance skills using a number of theatre forms such as mime and improvisation.

Students explore social issues to gain a better understanding of themselves and the community they live in.

Participating in this course will help to develop individual skills of creativity, leadership and communication.

Drama in Year 11 –

Techniques of drama, improvisation, devising, acting and interpretion are all part of the NCEA Level 1 course.

A safe and caring environment allows students to develop at their own pace whether they are part of the class to gain confidence or have a passion for performance.

Group work is vital and many personal skills are gained plus the opportunity for NCEA credits at Level 1.

Drama in Year 12 –

Drama continues to build on the foundations of NCEA Level 1, with improvisation, devising, acting and interpretation.

Drama in Year 13 –

Drama continues to build on the foundations of NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with improvisation, devising, acting and interpretation.

However, Level 3 requires an in-depth examination of theatre through performance and also viewing live performances.

The written component is integral through the Level 3 course.