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Geography in Year 11

Geography in Year 11 NCEA Level one, is the study of people’s interaction with our planet. The course covers the major themes of natural hazards, population and resources. There is an external examination while some standards are assessed internally.

Geography in Year 12

Geography in Year 12 NCEA Level two involves an environmental approach to the study of the planet earth and its people. The main study topics are natural landscapes, urban settlements, and inequalities in development. Several selected studies are undertaken.

Geography in Year 13

Geography in Year 13 NCEA Level three looks closely at geographic processes. As a study of natural processes in a selected environment we look at volcanic processes (operating in the Tongariro volcanic centre) and as an example of cultural processes we complete a study of tourism development, contrasting tourism in NZ and in the Gold Coast of Australia. We also complete a study of planning processes in New Zealand.