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HODs and Deans

HODs and Deans

Our HODs are:

Social Sciences
English and Languages
Visual and Performing Arts
Health and PE
Learning Support


Our Deans are:

Year 13
Year 12
Year 11
Junior Dean


Mr Leslie Davis – ldavis@wgc.ac.nz
Ms Rachel Conley – rconley@wgc.ac.nz
Mrs Renee Cox  – rcox@wgc.ac.nz
Mrs Caroline Rhodes – crhodes@wgc.ac.nz
Mrs Musa Musa – mmusa@wgc.ac.nz
Mrs Sandra Friedel – sfriedel@wgc.ac.nz
Ms Amy Fairhurst – afairhurst@wgc.ac.nz
Mrs Debra Tunbridge – dtunbridge@wgc.ac.nz



Mrs Karen Laing – klaing@wgc.ac.nz
Ms Caren Steed – csteed@wgc.ac.nz
Ms Nina Barbezat – nbarbezat@wgc.ac.nz
Mrs Bev Franklin-Browne – bfranklinbrowne@wgc.ac.nz


School Social Worker – Te Mania O’Rourke

The role of the Social Worker is to provide confidential support, guidance and advocacy for students and their families/whanau to ensure students are emotionally safe, both at school and in their lives. Social Work in New Zealand is governed by two professional bodies: ANZASW – Aotearoa/New Zealand Association of Social Workers and SWRB – Social Work Registration Board.

Te Mania’s qualifications include a Diploma in Social Work, a Certificate in Counselling, and Primary Certificate in REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy). She is accredited to facilitate Strengthening Families Meetings and is a member of ANZASW (Aotearoa / New Zealand Association of Social Workers). Te Mania is registered with the SWRB (Social Workers Registration Board).