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Science Overview

Science Overview

Science at Whanganui Girls’ College involves people investigating the living, physical, material and technological components of their environment and making sense of them in logical and creative ways.

Using systematic and creative processes of investigation, scientists produce a constantly evolving body of knowledge and make an important contribution to the decisions that are shaping our world and the world of future generations.

Learning science is fundamental to our girls understanding of the world in which we live and work.  It helps to clarify ideas, to ask questions, to test explanations through measurement and observation, and to use findings to establish the worth of an idea.

The science curriculum recognises that science is an universal discipline and to acknowledge the contribution that different cultural perspectives make to the development of understanding in science.

Science and technology are major influences in many aspects of our daily lives, at work, at play and at home.  Our dependence on science and technology demands a high level of scientific literacy for all New Zealanders and requires a comprehensive science education for all students, as well as those who will have careers in science and technology.