Whanganui Girls College

Our School

Senior Leaders

Tania King – Principal

I have a passion for teaching and ensuring our students strive for excellence in everything they do. I’ve been a teacher for over 21 years and understand the pressures that many parents face when juggling home and work lives. As a mother of two girls (and one boy), I also empathise with the different nurturing and developmental needs of each gender as they go through the New Zealand education system.


Nita Pond – Deputy Principal

My love for teaching and passion for the performing arts has continued to be shared at Whanganui Girls’ College. I am in the privileged position of being able to support and guide many of our students through to academic and personal success as they make their journey through secondary school. The family feel of the school along with its strong house spirit and ASTRA school values give students, staff and community a sense of belonging and self-worth.


Prabh Mokha – Assistant Principal 

Both of my parents qualified as teachers, so my chosen career is an inescapable destiny I am delighted to embrace. As a teacher of accounting and economics, I have been fortunate enough to have qualified as a chartered accountant in both the UK and NZ and to have worked with a range of companies and industries.

Sharing experiences while delivering curriculum helps our girls gain a broader grasp of financial literacy and helps to ensure they are equipped to approach future professional dealings with assured confidence. As a father of three young girls, my personal goal is to ensure all students in our community strive to fulfill their potential, whether it’s sporting, cultural or academic.